About us - Dance Klassique

History of Dance Klassique

The Beginning

Doors opened in February of 2000

Dance Klassique began it’s historic journey back in 2000 in a little dive bar under the name “Bar Dynamite Wednesdays”. Longtime friends Ryan Bauer & Phil Aye came together with a mission to provide a haven for people to DANCE. Ryan & Phil were respected dj’s & promoters in the early San Diego rave scene and both had a love for House Music and the obscure sounds of the early 90’s.

Dance advocates quickly fell in love with night and helped build the seeds for the amazing journey that was ahead. The beginning years hosted many legends in the house music community including DJ Sneak, Terry Mullen, Gene Farris and many more.

The Early Years

2003 to 2012

DJ Duane on the Left & Ryan Bauer on the right 2010

Co-Founder Phil Aye stepped aside and laid his djing skills to rest in late 2002 pursuing a career in the health care industry. Soon after Ryan sought out long time friend & original DJ partner Duane to join the night. Duane & Ryan grew up together DJing and were behind Natural Flavor a legendary promotional crew from the early 90’s Underground Scene. This combination ignited the fire that made Dance Klassique what it is today.

The night updated its name around 2005 to “House Music Wednesday” and Deep House dominated the speakers and the dance floor during this period. Duane founded a record label called “Alluv Recordings” and began touring internationally allowing Dance Klassique the opportunity to book legends in the Deep House from around the world while never charging a cover. The night was packed, the walls were sweaty and the dance floor was bumping.

The opening act is just as important as the closing.

Opening Residents 2003 to Present

The original Dance Klassique Logo 2012

Times changes and people grow older, but the music must go on. There was big shift in world of house music that began around 2006 and lasted through 2010. The music evolved, a new generation emerged that shaped house music in their vision crating sounds we here today. As house music evolved so did our night, in 2012 the night was rebranded as Dance Klassique and our venue got a facelift with an expanded dance floor and an upgraded sound system.

It was During this period that Ivan Gregory joined the team and help carry the night to the next level. Ivan a former resident of Chicago and a skilled DJ with over 20 years’ experience was the perfect match for this period in our development. Ivan helped us grow and was proud member of our team and still plays the night frequently.

Joe Pea Joins The Family & Elements of Techno Arise

2012 to 2016

Image of Joe Pea @ Blonde Bar

In late 2012 Duane stepped down to pursue his love of the ocean and became a Captain and owner of his own private sports fishing company. Duane had played a crucial role over the years and there are very few people with the knowledge, understanding and love of the music that could fill his shoes. Luckily fate blessed us brought us together with Joe Pea in August of 2012. Since then Joe has helped shape the night into it’s current glory. Joe’s Love of deep rooted dark sounds, heavier beats with a touch of techno helped influence our current sound.

This night was traditional sound was heavily influenced by deep house and with Joe’s introduction the sound of the night grew. Adding elements of Techno combined with House and Vocals is the staple of our current sound and is what keeps our dance floors packed. If you have not had a chance to experience our night, we highly recommend you wear a comfortable pair of shoes and prepare to dance!

Blonde Bar – The Present Years

2016 – 2018

Opening Night of Blonde Bar

In 2016 Bar Dynamite Closed its doors forever and a long chapter in our history came to an end. The bar was renamed “Blonde Bar” and every element of Bar dynamite staff, resident Djs and interior was either eliminated or upgraded. Dance Klassique was the only night that was asked to stay, and we helped play a role in the redesign & remodel. Blonde bar upgraded the interior by adding a lifted staged, increased dance space and an upgraded DJ booth. The new design along with the updated sound has helped keep this legendary night going stronger then ever. Come Join us every Wednesday and experience the night for yourself.